The Health Benefits of Yogurt

The Health Benefits of Yogurt

There are commercials on the television every day talking about how yogurt is a good food to eat. Though yogurt has often been used by women who have digestive problems, the fact is that yogurt can do more for a woman’s body than help her with digestion. There are 7 reasons why yogurt is a food that a woman should eat every day.

woman-eating-yogurtEasier to digest than milk:

Being lactose intolerant is a common problem among women. With lactose intolerance, a woman cannot digest dairy products because of the lactose in them.

A woman who does eat certain dairy products can be end up sick because their bodies cannot digest the lactose.

However, yogurt is a lot easier to digest than milk because of the bacteria it contains partially digests the lactose and make it more tolerable.

With yogurt, a woman can eat a dairy product for calcium without ending up getting sick.

woman-eating-yogurt-blueberryKeeps the colon healthy:

The bacteria in yogurt are known to be a good kind of bacteria that can help intestinal bacteria do their job when it comes to digestion.

There has to be a healthy balance of bacteria in the intestines or a woman will have a hard time digesting food.

Good digestion means that a woman has a healthy colon, and yogurt can also help with regularity, which will also keep the colon free of diseases.

woman-eating-yogurt3A good source of calcium:

As women get older, the density and strength of their bones is important. To prevent breaks in bones, a woman should eat plenty of calcium and yogurt can provide that.

The calcium in yogurt can also prevent colon cancer.

woman-eating-yogurt4Can make the immune system stronger:

Interferon is an ingredient found in yogurt that can make a woman’s immune system work better.

Women who eat at least one cup of yogurt every day is less likely to get sick because the bacteria in yogurt help the white blood cells do their job of fighting infections in the blood.

woman-holding-yogurtCan decrease the likelihood of yeast infections in women:

There are some women who are prone to yeast infections.

A woman who is consistently having to go to the corner drug store for an over the counter yeast infection treatments should think about adding more calcium to her diet.

The bacteria in yogurt can reduce the amount of harmful bacteria in the vagina, which will lower incidents of yeast infection.

woman-eating-yogurt-strawberryA good source of protein:

A cup of yogurt has 10 to 15 grams of protein.

A woman is supposed to have 50 to 60 grams of protein a day, and eating yogurt can contribute to that more than drinking milk.

woman-eating-yogurt2Can reduce the risk of a heart attack:

When a woman has high cholesterol, it means she has cholesterol that can build up in the blood vessels of the heart and cause a heart attack.

The bacteria in yogurt can help lower the amount of cholesterol that is in the body, which is going to lower a woman’s chances of having a heart attack.

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