Top Etiquette Rules for Your Gym

Top Etiquette Rules for Your Gym

You go to the gym to work out, but that leads to sweat and sometimes blood being spilt. There are certain things expected while you visit the gym, especially if you go during the busier hours of the day. Here are some of the main etiquette rules while training at the gym.

Wipe Down the Machines After Use

This is usually a gym rule posted up around. When you work out, sweat drops onto the equipment. You wouldn’t want to sit on a seat that is covered in someone else’s sweat, and they don’t want to sit in yours. Wipe down every machine that you use afterwards. Some gyms ask you to take a towel, but others have cloths that you can use.

Don’t Hog the Machines

This is particularly during the busiest hours. Try to limit the use on one machine at a time to around 20 minutes. This is a good chance to get a workout and is long enough for someone to wait. You can always go back on later if you want to extend your workout time. If it’s a quiet time, you will be able to spend longer.

Go Outside for Your Calls

There isn’t really a need for cell phones in the gym, but if you really need to take it put it on silent. When you do receive calls, take them outside. People don’t want to hear a one-sided conversation. Just think about it if you were the one listening to it. Talking while working out is also a distraction and you’re not going to get fit doing it.


Ask for Help if You Need It

You may come across a new piece of equipment or want tips on how to improve your workout. You also want to avoid injury. The staff members are there to help you, so feel free to ask them for help. Try to avoid pestering other members in the gym though. They’re there for their workout.

Turn Up for Classes On Time

If you decide to go to an exercise class, you will need to find out more about the times. Block that session out in your diary and make sure you turn up there on time. Try to turn up a few minutes early to make sure you can get changed and set up. The first few minutes of any class is also a chance to explain the rules and techniques, so you need to make sure you’re there to avoid injury and make the most out of your exercise.

Use Lockers for Your Belongings

You may not need to change if you go dressed in your gym clothes, but you don’t want to leave your belongings lying around the gym. Could you imagine trying to step over others’ stuff? Many gyms now make it against their rules to leave belongings lying around. If you have any valuables, talk to the gym staff. They may have a more secure place to store these.

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