Why Most Individuals Struggle To Stick To a Diet

Why Most Individuals Struggle To Stick To a Diet

If you’re like most people then you’ve probably been on a diet of some sorts at one point in time or another. Perhaps it went well and you stuck with it and maybe you lost your way after a few short months. This isn’t uncommon and many individuals face hardships when it comes to losing weight through dieting and sticking to it!

So, why do you think it’s so complicated to constantly eat healthy and avoid the temptations? There are many theories and many facts that go along with dieting and living a healthy lifestyle. Typically exercise and diet go hand in hand. If you’re only doing one and not the other you could be setting yourself up for instant failure. However, there are successes that come from doing only one or only one at any given time.

The world is full of temptations; this is a fact. Every time you turn on the television, go past a billboard or just smell the air at the local mall you’re tempted in some way shape or form. Magazines fill your head with ideas of delicious pizzas and even if you start out eating healthy you may find yourself struggling to keep up.


How to Be Successful:

There are a few tips and tricks you may want to consider.

  • Stay positive. This one cannot be stressed enough. If you start believing you’re going to fail from the very beginning you’re only setting yourself up for a disaster very early on.
  • Eat what you want in moderation. Completely depriving yourself of that gooey pizza and ice cream can lead to disaster. You should eat healthy and stay focused but if you really want that slice of pizza you should eat it! Failing to giving into your cravings in moderation from time to time will lead you down a path of destruction. Don’t deprive yourself of life’s little food pleasures.
  • Find a plan that’s right for you. This one is really key; if you have tried various forms of diets and you’re struggling perhaps the one you’re on isn’t the right one for you. You shouldn’t consider it a diet per se but a lifestyle change. If you find that carbs are your weakness you should try to limit them. If you find that sugary products and sweets are ruining your day then avoid buying them at the grocery store.
  • Only keep items in the home that are satisfying to you and ones that won’t push you over the edge. If you know that buying ice cream leads to complications you shouldn’t purchase it; out of sight, out of mind!


Should You Exercise and Eat Healthy?

Most individuals will find they have a different answer for this. While eating healthy and exercise do go hand in hand some find it challenging to focus on more than one major goal at a time. If you’ve lived a lifestyle that was relatively unhealthy for a very long time and you never really exercise doing too much too fast can overwhelm you.

If eating healthy is something you really want to do start off with that and slowly incorporate the exercise. If you’d rather exercise than eat healthy you should slowly incorporate the healthy eating soon after. Once you start getting motivated you can bring in new things to help speed up the weight loss process.

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