Dealing With PITA Landlords

Dealing With PITA Landlords

When you have a pain in the a** (PITA) landlord, you just want to scream. It can cause stress and tension between the people living in the property. Instead of taking it out on them, you need to deal with your landlord and make sure everything is done according to the law and your tenancy agreement. Here are some tips on dealing with those PITA landlords.

Don’t Expect Him to Read Between the Lines

When there is a problem, you need to be as detailed as possible. Don’t expect your landlord to read between the lines or guess what the situation is. He needs to know exactly what it is so he can deal with it quickly and efficiently. He’ll need to make sure he has the right tools with him and so he can call the right person to deal with the situation.

Don’t be a PITA Tenant

Woman-phone-angryIt’s really easy to want to act out because your landlord is. However, this will just get you into trouble later on and will make him want to act out further.

Instead, be the tenant that is always polite, does your fair share of work and gives him no reasons to complain. He’ll find it harder to act annoying and not get things done when you’re so good to him.

Think About the Problems

Sometimes, your landlord will hold out until you do something about it. Depending on the problem, you may be better dealing with it. Unless it is a necessity, your landlord doesn’t have to handle the situation by law. So, if the showerhead has broken, replace it yourself.

If the fencing has blown down, repair it. You could always tell the landlord that you’re fixing it but you will be taking it with you when you leave.

Know Your Rights as a Tenant

You need to know what your rights are as a tenant. You have a right to live in a home that is wind and water tight, but you have contractual obligations to meet too.

When you think your landlord is acting out of line, check your rights and see if he is acting with them. If you find that he isn’t, you can talk to him about your rights and make sure he meets them. If he doesn’t do that, then you need to report him to the relevant authorities.

Report Your Landlord

attorney-law-justiceIf you’ve exhausted all your options and know you are in your rights, contact the authorities to report him. You may want to give him some warning that you’re doing this to see if that helps.

But if he still doesn’t do anything, make sure you follow through with that promise. You’ll need to find out who the relevant authorities are for your area.

Move On

Start looking for somewhere else to live. Choose a different landlord or letting agency.

Do your research though, you may end up with a landlord who is 10 times worse than the current one you have to deal with.

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