Charming Gardens and Resting Places

Charming Gardens and Resting Places

A garden is not only designed for functional purposes, but for your delight as well. We present you a few garden details and outdoor resting places, which make the time spent outside intimate!

old-wallsShadow of the Old Walls

Modern outdoor furniture and old walls make a charming contrast in this convenient courtyard seating area.

Brick-colored.Wood-FenceBrick-colored Wood Fence and Flower Bed

A fairytale effect can be achieved by the vivid color brick fences, since they almost pop out of the green environment.

Colorful flowers and white climbing plants add color to the image.

Modern.Dining.Room.TerraceModern Dining Room Terrace

Stylish open dining room, interior wallpaper with stripes and copper, refined fabrics and outdoor furniture – and you are ready!

Barrel-PlanterBarrel Planter

An old wooden barrel can be decorative in external spaces. Simply fill the top with soil and plant low-growing flowers in it.

Garden-FurnitureGarden Furniture with Lights

A simple tent cover set up on the trellis with suspended lights can do magical atmosphere in the evenings.

Flower-Pots-WallFlower Pots on the Wall

Flower-lined entrance is designed in Mediterranean style show your visitors a completely new world.

Hidden-BasinHidden Basin

A tree stump with a hole can be a great hiding place for an artificial basin.

Stepped-SeatingStepped Seating

Every garden owner deserves a little luxury! Why don’t you make your outdoor steps comfortable with seat cushions?

Modern-Terrace-FurnitureModern Terrace with Furniture

A wonderful glass-walled terrace with comfortable braided furniture.

Rock-GardenRock Garden with Furniture

Furniture nestled in a small rock garden, surrounded by flower pots.

Cart-PlanterCart as a Planter

A wonderful little cart, painted with blue, holding colorful flowers and charming creepers.

Ladders-Flower-PotsLadders with Chinese Flower Pots

A ladder and two shelves make perfect outdoor furniture. Absolutely amazing with Chinese flower pots.

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