What Your Zodiac Says About You: Aries to Virgo

What Your Zodiac Says About You: Aries to Virgo

Your star sign is based on when you are born. Certain signs have certain traits and many believe that it says a lot about who you are as a person. Whether you believe this or not, you may be interested in your zodiac sign’s personality trait. It could be interesting to see if it does say much about your genuine personality.

ariesAries: The Warrior and Ram

Aries is depicted by the horns of a ram and is known as the warrior. The strengths of this personality include independence, enthusiasm and optimism.

However, these do lead to a person being intolerant and impatient, among other weaknesses. Those born under this sign are good friends by always looking out for them but they can have tantrums and tend to fight back in an argument.

taurusTaurus: The Bull

Taurus is depicted by the bull and shows many bull-like qualities, including being loyal persistent and dependable. However, there are many bull-like qualities that fuel their weaknesses, including stubbornness, materialistic and possessiveness.

A person born in the sign of the bull will not venture out on his own. He will follow the leader and be a member of the pack. When it comes to friends, there will be a few who are close but he won’t have many who he confides in.

Those people he does consider friends will be treated fairly, with respect and looked after.

geminiGemini: The Twins

The sign for Gemini is the twins. It is an air sign and you will instantly be able to tell someone as they will love to talk—and never shut up! Those born under the Gemini sign are also witty and imaginative but can also be impulsive because of this.

It can lead to bad business decisions, especially since another negative trait is being indecisive. Geminis aren’t the most loyal of friends and can disappear for a while as they make new friends.

cancerCancer: The Crab

Cancer is the crab and people born under this sign have the personality traits of being dependable, loyal and caring. However, they can also be oversensitive and self-absorbed; often clingy and moody. When it comes to independence, they are often in the middle.

They will know how to get something done and have the drive to do it but they will need the emotional encouragement and support along the way. They love the attention and often need it.

leoLeo: The Roaring Lion

Those with the lion sign, Leo, are ambitious, loyal and confident. However, those positive traits lead to the negative ones of being vain, stubborn and domineering.

Those born under the Leo sign can get a job done and are independent but they need to control things and want people to admire and appreciate them.

virgoVirgo: The Virgin

This earth sign is represented by the maiden. People born under this star sign are reliable, helpful and precise. However, they can also be sceptical, cold, interfering and fussy.

Virgos need to analyse everything before they start. This can be a positive or negative thing, depending on how quickly a project needs to be completed.

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