6 Great Anti-Valentine’s Day Ideas

6 Great Anti-Valentine’s Day Ideas

Are you fed up of hearing about Valentine’s Day already? Not every woman is in a relationship, so why does everything treat you that way. If you’re not in a relationship, you want to find something to do that doesn’t involve being with a partner. Here are some great anti-Valentine’s Day ideas for you to try out.

Throw a Singles Party

Use this day to celebrate with your friends and family members by throwing a singles party. Nobody with partners is allowed to come, and those that do cannot bring their partners or talk about them at all. You can use all types of decorations to make it clear that you are all single, like having a cake with one person on the top or jellies shaped into broken hearts.

Check Out the Tourist Spots with Friends

Go to the tourist spots in your area with your friends. It’s probably something you’ve never done before, and you could really have a fun day out. If you’re strapped for cash, look out for the free activities. There are likely many museums and art galleries that won’t cost an absolute fortune. Find the couples attractions if you can to really have fun on your anti-Valentine’s Day quest.

Enjoy a Group Meal Out

Many couples will spend Valentine’s Day out with their loved ones but that doesn’t mean you have to stay in the house. Book a table for a group of you at one of the restaurants offering special Valentine’s Day deals and have some fun together. You could even order some of the special treats and share as a whole group. Make sure you book because the tables will go quickly.


Volunteer at an Event

If you don’t want to be involved in something sarcastic for the day, why not volunteer at some of the events in your area. There may be church events or the soup kitchen is always looking for someone. Consider the different ones and choose one that makes you feel happier doing. If you’re really struggling, talk to the nursing homes to see if you can help at any events on the day.

Buy Your Own Valentine’s Day Gift

Get yourself a gift to show home much you care for yourself. You could create a playlist of all your favourite songs or you may want to treat yourself to a personalised item. You could even buy a book and run yourself a warm relaxing bath to soak in during the night.

Have a Spa Day

Relax and unwind at a spa day. These are great any time of the year, but on Valentine’s Day you can do it just to pamper yourself for the comfort of you! Some of the spas will offer special deals at this time of the year or may have a promotional massage or form of therapy to try out. Make sure you book in advance as there are chances the places will be booked up quickly this time of year.

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