6 Things All College Students Need to Do Before Graduation

6 Things All College Students Need to Do Before Graduation

As a college student, you want to be able to look back and remember your time fondly. That means doing things that are fun and adventurous. While they’re fun, they also need to be within the law and something that you can be proud of telling your children when they grow up and want college experiences of their own. Here are six things all college students need to do before graduation.

businesswoman-work-office-phoneDo an Internship

Your college years are perfect for internships. You have a few months in the summer, and plenty of places are hiring. The benefit of doing an internship is that you get to gain experience, even if you don’t get the pay.

There could even be a job in it afterwards. Work well at it and you will get a glowing reference to help you towards finding a job after graduation.

university-student-course-teacherAttend a Guest Lecture

Most colleges will have a guest lecture now and then. Some of these will be in the summer months, while others are during the year.

You can learn so much, even from one that is not in your subject. The benefit is the networking afterwards, and the ability to find out more about the speaker who has come to visit your school.

women-friends-partyAttend a Sorority/Fraternity Party

Colleges are full of sororities and fraternities, and the parties are legendary. You don’t need to join one, although that could be a great thing to place on your bucket list, but you do need to attend one of their parties.

Most will have welcome parties for freshman students each year, so you can go uninvited without any expectations placed upon you.

Freelancing-work-computer-coffee2Take Part in a Study

Wouldn’t you love to help another student with her project? Maybe you want to help further the research of a specific subject in your school.

Taking part in studies is a great way to do that, and are free and fun to take part in. You can find out more about studies before you agree to taking part, and find out what you gain from it. Some involve taking medications, but there are a lot that involve playing video games, watching TV and discussing politics.

protest-womanJoin In With a Protest

Whether it is for something within the school or something going on in the city, take part in a protest. Make sure it is a cause you believe in, so you can be proud that you stood up for action afterwards.

When your children have causes they want to stand up for in the future, you can share your experiences as part of a protest.

office-desktop-coffee-computerPull an All-Nighter or Two

Even if you don’t have an exam to study for or an essay to write, pull an all-nighter or two. It’s all about pushing your body to the extreme but without completely damaging your health.

Find something fun to watch or do while you’re pulling that all-nighter if it is not for a college assignment.

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