Dealing With the “Friend” Who Talks Behind Your Back

Dealing With the “Friend” Who Talks Behind Your Back

Everyone has one of those “friends” who is nice and sweet to your face, but evil as soon as your back is turned. She loves to gossip about you, and never ever keeps the secrets. When you think about her nice comments, really she’s putting you down in a “constructive” way. Think about “A” from Pretty Little Liars. It’s time to deal with this “friend,” and here are six ways to get her to stop talking behind your back.

gossip-friendsDon’t Tell Her Anything Private About Yourself

Keep your secrets close to your heart. If she has nothing to gossip about, she’ll soon run out of things to say.

It could lead to her making things up, but the rest of your friends will know that she is running out of things to talk about you.

She’ll first start pushing you to give her some details, but you can choose to just say you’re keeping them close to your heart right now.

cocktail-girls-night-partyDon’t Attend Her Party

You don’t need to go to her party just because she’s invited you. By going, you’re showing that there is nothing wrong between the two of you.

When you don’t go, she gets the message that you’re not happy about something. It could nudge her to talk to you about it and find out what she has done.

upset-friends-argumentTell Her Outright

Don’t bottle your feelings up. If you want her to stop talking about you behind your back, it’s time that you tell her just what’s gone on.

Tell her that you know about her unfriendly actions, and that you don’t want to be a part of that. How many other people is she doing it to? She will soon get the idea that she either needs to change or lose everyone close to her.

no-stop-hand-sign-blondeStop Her in Her Tracks

You won’t be the only person she bad-mouths behind your back. There are chances she does it about others in her life, including your mutual friends. When it’s someone you know, you have every right to stop her in her tracks.

Tell her that you don’t find it appropriate and you want it to stop. You can talk to all your friends about doing this, so she eventually gets the idea that this is no okay to do.

gossip-workLet Her Finish Her Story and Move On

There are those friends who think they need to do one better than you.

You may tell your friends about a presentation you did, and she decides to jump in with her promotion news. Simply let her finish the story, and then move on. If you didn’t finish your story go back to it. If you did, find something else to talk about.

argument-friendsDon’t Invite Her to Things

You can send a very clear message by not inviting her to anything going on in your life.

It could be a party, or even your wedding. When she questions you about it, make it clear why you’re not inviting her.

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