Do You Have a Toxic Friend?

Do You Have a Toxic Friend?

Friendships are an important part of life and you will have lots of different friends. Unfortunately, some of those friends are toxic. They make you feel bad about who you are and get you to do things you wouldn’t normally want to. You need to watch out for those toxic friends, and here are some of the signs you have one.

women-fight-conflictShe Doesn’t Make You Feel Good About Yourself

The toxic friend is the one that’s always putting you down. There are times that you need honesty—such as when that dress really does make you look fat—but you also need to hear good things.

The toxic friend will always focus on the negatives and push them down your throat; usually as a way to make her feel better.

tape-mouth-shutupYou Need to be Careful About What You Say

If you say the wrong thing, the toxic friend will jump on you for it. You find that you’re tiptoeing around her and even lose confidence to say anything at all. Of course, then she says something about that too!

Friends shouldn’t make you feel bad because you like something different to them or because you don’t like the latest fashion fad. They should like you for you.

woman-saying-noShe Makes You Defensive

You feel like you have to defend everything you do. It could be a shopping trip with your mum and she will make you defend your actions. In fact, the toxic friend expects an explanation for why you’re doing something that doesn’t involve her.

The smallest thing will get you on edge and you start to feel like you don’t fit in. You shouldn’t have to feel like that and real friends won’t.

phone-callYou’re Constantly on Guard

You’re always looking for things that she can pick up on you. It could be the way that you’re wearing your hair or the dress that you chose for the day.

You’re worried about what she will say next and how it will make you feel. You may even call your other friends to discuss what you should all wear or say to avoid problematic situations.

asking-for-helpShe Isn’t There for You

The toxic friend only thinks about herself. She’ll call you when there is a problem and will expect you there when she needs help, but will never return it.

Some toxic friends can seem to help, but underneath they’re using your pain and suffering as a way to blackmail you in the future. She can tell you that they’ll tell other friends your secret or share your problems to get her own way.

pursued-scared-parking-lotShe Gets You to Do Things

There will be things that you really don’t want to do, and they could go against your morals or the law. However, she will always be there to push the boundaries and make you do it.

If you don’t do it, she makes you feel bad or will use those secrets she has about you against you.

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