Top Tips to Make Friends When You Get Older

Top Tips to Make Friends When You Get Older

As you turn 30, making new friends could seem like a daunting task. It definitely is when you get to 40 and beyond. However, there are different situations that you will need to do this. You could move to a new home, or find that you need to switch jobs. Here are some tips to make the task of making new friends seem less daunting.

Get Yourself Out There

Get out and about. If you’ve moved to a new area, go out and explore and find out more about the community. If you’ve switched jobs, talk to the people in your office and even consider exploring the different floors or buildings in the complex if you have them. You’re not going to make friends if you sit inside and mope about it all the time.

Join Groups to Meet New People

Look out for groups in the area that are suitable for your situation. You could join a weight loss group if that is on your mind, or a playgroup if you have a toddler in the home. You will meet people who have similar aims, desires, and goals as you. This makes it easier to find something to talk about and then you can go from there.

Consider Getting a Dog

Dog walkers are everywhere, and you will soon meet new people and make friends. Like the groups option, you will meet people who have similar interests and aims. This is also a great way to just get yourself out and about. It’s really easy to find an excuse to stay in if you don’t have a dog wanting to be let out for a walk.


Talk to Your Neighbours

Meet your neighbours, especially if you are just moving in. You may have cookies that you want to offer them to say hi, or you may even need to ask for their help with the move if you can’t find something. If new people move into your area, go over and welcome them to the neighbourhood. The more welcoming you are, the more likely you are to make a new friend or two.

Invite Your Husband’s Friends

If your husband has friends that you’ve never met, there are high chances that there are wives and girlfriends that you could meet. Ask your husband to organise a get-together, so his friends come over with their spouses. There is bound to be someone who you will get along with, and you could soon develop a good friendship with a few of them.

Look Out for Common Interests

Wherever you are, look out for some common interests. If a work friend mentions that she loves a certain movie that you love, you may find that you have others stuff in common. You could invite her round to watch it and take it from there. However, watch out for that hint that you’re desperate to make a new friend. Keep the invitation open and friendly, and don’t force a date on her.

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