Remove the Smell of Pet Urine from Your Home

Remove the Smell of Pet Urine from Your Home

Pets are loveable and often part of the family but they don’t have make a mess! If it isn’t getting food everywhere, they have accidents in the home. Urine smells bad at the best of times but what do you do when it gets deep within your carpets? Do you have to live with it for the rest of your life? Not at all with these tips!

dog-peeAct Quickly and Get It Up

The quicker you act, the less chance it will soak deep into your carpets. As soon as you notice it, get some paper towels and soak it up.

This is also healthier since the bacteria doesn’t have the chance to cling onto your carpet and multiple. You want to keep applying kitchen roll until the top is dry.

scrubbing-bathroom-floorWhat About When It Dries?

If you don’t get to it early and it has the chance to dry, spray some water onto it. This will help to add the moisture so you can soak some of it up.

This isn’t a necessary step as carpets remain wet for a few hours, especially with urine.

vinegar-bottleAdd Vinegar to the Urine Spot

Now it is time to tackle the odour. The best thing possible is vinegar. It not only neutralises but adds a new odour on top. Don’t use pure vinegar though as it will stain your carpet!

Use a mixture of vinegar and water and then place it in a spray bottle—do not pour straight onto the spot. This avoids overpowering the room with the smell of vinegar.

man-cleaningSpray from the Outside In

Start at the outside of the spot and work your way inwards. The middle will be more concentrated than the outside so will need more work on it.

Put on some rubber gloves and use your fingers to work the mixture into the carpet. Remember that the urine will soak deep into the carpets. Working the new mixture deep in will help to uplift the full scent.

tissueUse the Paper Towels Again

Get the paper towels back out and soak up the moisture. This not only prevents the bacteria from the urine to materialise again; it will also help to prevent mould growing.

Mould will grow anywhere there is a dark, moist area so even the water and vinegar offers the perfect space.

baking-sodaPour Baking Soda onto the Spot

Once the area is as dry as possible, add baking soda to the spot. Don’t worry about using it sparingly!

Work it into the fibres and then add a bit more on the top. Leave it to work in the area itself. The baking soda will work on drying out the rest of the area.

medicine-bottleFixing the Colour of the Carpet

The problem with pet urine is that it stains the carpet as well as makes it small. If you find that the vinegar and baking soda hasn’t really helped, you can use hydrogen peroxide to bleach the carpet.

Use this sparingly as it can also damage the carpet!

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