Does He Want Morning Sex? Give It a Go!

Does He Want Morning Sex? Give It a Go!

Men love morning sex. They wake up wanting it and they often find it exciting. This is the way men and women are wired differently; not all women like the idea. If he wants morning sex, there’s no point constantly saying no. He’ll start wondering if you do respect his feelings and wants. Morning sex is beneficial for you and here are some reasons to give it a go.

couple-morning-sex-bedMake Him Happy

He deserves to be happy too, right? Doing this will put a smile on his face for the rest of the morning and possibly the rest of the day.

Just imagine being the sole reason for him being so happy while he’s at work.

couple-sex-kiss-bedIt’s a Great Way to Start the Day

This is one of the best ways to start the day. There’s no need for that annoying alarm clock giving you a heart attack. Instead, you get woken with pleasure and you will be happy for the rest of the morning.

Even if you are woken from a blissful dream, nothing will beat the feeling of morning sex. Your oxytocin levels will increase in the body to make you feel happier.

couple-sex-kiss-bed2You Won’t Be as Stressed

Remember your oxytocin levels are higher? Well, these are linked to your stress levels. By increasing the levels, you won’t feel as stressed.

You’ll be ready to start your day and deal with whatever is thrown at you. Could you imagine getting to work or doing the housework with no stress?

couple-sex-bedFeel Connected with Your Partner

The same chemical is responsible for how connected you feel to your partner. Increasing the levels in the morning will make the two of you connect on a deeper level.

This continues throughout the day instead of you instantly falling asleep on a night. This is a great way to take your relationship to another level; especially when he feels like you care about his wants and feelings.

couple-sex-bed-feet-cuddlingYou Get to Say in Bed Longer

Everyone wants an excuse for staying in bed that little bit longer and this is perfect.

While you’re getting all the other benefits, you get to stay in your comfy bed and actually wake up on a morning. You could even have a cuddle afterwards, which will help you connect even more!

couple-sex-kiss-bed2No Need to Worry About Going Straight to Bed

If you’ve both gotten into the habit of going straight to bed on a night, you may wonder when you can have that night together.

Instead of worrying about evening activities, move them to the morning. It may mean setting the alarm a little earlier but it is more than worth it.

couple-sex-kiss-bed3Get Him to Do the Work

Men like to see women in all their glory but that doesn’t mean you want to do all the work. Get him to do it instead.

Morning sex is the perfect excuse to be lazy. There are a lot of fun positions to try for this time of the day.

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