Don’t Disappoint Your Boyfriend After Sex!

Don’t Disappoint Your Boyfriend After Sex!

Whether it’s the first time or you’ve been together for some time, there are some things that women say after sex that really hurt their partner. You may not realise it and mean the things in jest, but he doesn’t take them that way. Here are some things to avoid so you don’t disappoint your boyfriend after sex.

sexual-arousal-disorder-sitting-bedDon’t Compare Him to Another Guy

Men do not like to be compared so avoid saying anything that comes across that way—even if it’s good for him!

By comparing, it means you were thinking about someone else while you were having sex and that will make him question his performance.

You may want to avoid comparing him at any time, not just after sex!

doorAsking Him to Leave

It doesn’t matter why you want him to go or what your relationship with him is, but don’t ask him to leave right after sex. You wouldn’t like it if it was the other way around.

He will think you as cold-blooded and down-right mean. Give it a few minutes and then consider breaking it to him gently if you really want him to go.

couple-bed-sexMaking It Clear It was a Mistake

It may have been a mistake—they happen—but don’t let him know that right after.

Avoid any of this talk until afterwards; let both of you think about it first. He’ll be feeling good about himself right now, you don’t want to deflate that ego, do you?

couple-sex2Telling Him You Love Him

Unless you’ve already been together a while and said it to each other before, you don’t want this to be the first time you say it! It’s very cliché and will put him in a very difficult position.

The only time this may work out for you is if you really want to get rid of him—it will make him want to run far away from you.

after-sex-bedAnything to Get Him to Say You’re Good

You may know you’re good in bed—he’ll know it too—but that doesn’t mean you have to hear it. Don’t say anything that forces him to say how good you are.

If he really wants to tell you, he will do afterwards. Looking for compliments will make you seem needy and clingy and he really won’t like that.

paperwork-office-workBringing Up the Office Dramas

He doesn’t want to hear about your day at work—well, unless he is your long term boyfriend or husband—and after sex is not the right time to bring anything up.

It breaks the mood and will make him feel like your counsellor. If it’s a one-night stand or a casual thing, he doesn’t want to feel like your boyfriend.

sex-bed-problem-coupleTalking About His Mother

No, he doesn’t want to talk about his family, especially his mother, right after sex.

Never bring this up. It will make him feel awkward thinking about his mother while he’s naked with a girl in bed.

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