Gift Ideas for Your Man

Gift Ideas for Your Man

Whether you need to find something for your partner or looking for a present for your dad, gift ideas for him are often hard to come by. It is easy to opt for vouchers or a bottle of his favourite alcohol but they stop meaning as much. Here are some great gift ideas for him that he will treasure for years.

space-invadersGo Retro with Arcade Games

There are many fun arcade games that he will have played when he was younger so go retro by including them in your gift.

There are cake holders if you want to bake him a special cake in the shape of the Space Invaders or you could add Pac Man to a card. Let him remember the great times in the past and share your childhood memories together.

adventure-trip-travel-hikeExperience Days for Adventure

Whether it is off-road driving, skydiving or rolling down a hill in a big ball, experience days are excellent fun.

The best part is that with many you can do as a couple or offer the chance for your partner to take a close guy friend with him. You will need to check the terms as you may have to get the voucher so he can book it himself.

man-bookA Personalised Book

Whether it is a romance book or a story of your childhood with your dad, a personalised book is a great way to add some originality and memories to your present for him.

These types of gifts are those that he will treasure forever and allow him to enjoy over and over again. There are many places that will allow you to put one of these gifts together, whether you just want pictures or to add words.

play-paintballA Trip Paintballing

If he loves high energy days out, why not treat him to a day of paintballing? You can get his friends together so they can all play army.

This is great for the young and the old – although you will need to check on the medical needs to make sure everyone enjoys their time.

bottle-wine-emptyPersonalised Alcohol Bottles

If you do want to get him his favourite drink, why not do something special by personalising the alcohol bottles?

You can do this with many different drinks and even opt for miniatures to get him a mixture of his favourites. Shop around for the best price and deal on this great gift idea.

reading-newspaper-coffeeOriginal Papers from the Archives

Help him find out about the news stories on the day of his birth – or another special day of the year. You don’t need the internet for this!

Make it special by finding the original newspaper from the archives – yes, companies keep them for years and will sell them on.

phone-natureNovelty Gifts for Fun

Help him have a laugh on his day or anniversary with some novelty items. It could be a soldier style egg cup or a hat with headphones connected inside.

These might not be luxurious but they are definitely fun and memorable.

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