Have Fun with These Top Date Ideas

Have Fun with These Top Date Ideas

It’s not just up to your man to plan the perfect date. You can have some fun with this too. The trick is to give him something that is different, fun and perfect for his personality. There are a lot of great ideas and here are seven of them for you to try.

dancing-coupleTake Him Dancing

You may turn your nose up at this at first but read on first. Dancing is a great way to bond together and grow closer. It doesn’t have to be the ballroom dancing, if you don’t want.

There are street dance lessons, run aerobic sessions and spicy Latin American dances to try out. Put some boost into your relationship and date night. Even if you can’t dance, it will be a laugh.

arcadeGo to an Arcade

Take a trip to your local arcade. Feeling a bit strange right now surrounded by the teenagers? Forget about them. You want to go there to have fun. Play on the different games, enjoy those penny dropping machines and eat the treats.

You’ll be surprised how much fun all this is and how close it brings you. You could even reminisce about your childhood spent on the games.

breakfast-woman-diet-foodEnjoy a Brunch

You don’t need to go out on a Saturday night for your date night. You could consider having a night in together or decide to go earlier in the day.

Brunch is a great alternative and many people feel more sophisticated opting for a date at this time. You don’t need to go out to eat but this could be really fun and just be the start of your date.

scuba-diving-coupleTake an Adventure

Whether you both enjoy walking, swimming or just spending time in the big outdoors, do it for your date. Take a trip to a nearby lake and swim in the water or enjoy a hike up a mountain.

There are so many adventurous things to do. If you’re looking for a trip on the wild side, you could even try skydiving, rock climbing or even scuba diving.

beer-breweryTake a Tour of a Brewery

These are full of history and facts and there is usually a tasting session at the end or along the way.

Enjoy learning more about how your favourite beer is brewed or just for the chance to try something new. If you do find you like something, don’t forget to buy it at the end.

books-pileLook Around Your Bookstore

Take a trip to your local bookstore and just enjoy learning more about each other. You could discuss your dream trips and look through the guidebooks or even talk about the fiction that you have grown up reading.

It sounds simple but you could spend all day in these places.

stand-up-comedyGo to a Comedy Show

Entertainment acts are great ways to spend the night. Take your man to a comedy show in town.

It doesn’t need to be a well known comedian. Some of the underground options are often just as fun—if not more.

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