Helpful Facts About Having a Committed Relationship

Helpful Facts About Having a Committed Relationship

It is a great feeling being in a relationship. You must have some commitment to go for it. In the pre commitment stage it is upon you to choose the future and how you should go about it all. What matters more? Is it romantic love and the euphoria of it all or a commitment till the very end in a relationship? Read on to learn more….

happy-couple-loveRelationship and commitment

People tend to break free from the past love or relationship patterns when they go into a new relationship. They need to make conscious choices in relationships. So you should be aware of your goal in a relationship and also about your choices while you date and mate your current partner.

Now, you have made up your mind about this new relationship and you would like to believe in the fulfillment and love of a true committed relationship. Many people enjoy having come across someone to bond with but are also filled with a concern whether or not this is the best relationship for him. This journey from being single and then becoming a conscious couple is called ‘conscious mating’.

You may have the clarity who you are and what you would want to get out of a relationship. Being a conscious single you must be clear about your identity, what is it you want out of a relationship and how you intend to get that.

happy-couple-love-laundryPre commitment in a relationship

When singles look to become couples in this world, most people wonder if this is the person and whether you can be committed to her or him throughout your life. A pre marital mindset is different from a pre commitment mindset.

Pre marital couples feel that they want to get married while pre commitment couples feel whether this is the right relationship for them.

love-couple-proposalConscious Commitment

The couples are aware that they are not committed and usually they have a goal where they ask themselves whether the relationship is right for them and whether they should make a commitment.

happy-couple-love2Unconscious Commitment

This is a way of trying the relationship out without making any commitment.

happy-couple-love-bedPre Commitment and Romantic Love

This is a stage of Euphoria and romantic love stage which is quite different from the sustainable stage in true love relationship. Confusing this romantic love stage with pure sustainable love is a mistake.

happy-couple-love3Conscious mating

Relationships do break up because of the unconscious forces at work in every stage of a relationship. The unconscious forces undermine the best efforts for the sustenance of love when we are not aware of the fact.

A couple should best get a taste of reality by staying in a relationship before making long term choice.

infidelity-adultery-problemRelationship challenges

Relationships do have their own challenges. This is quite normal and this does not mean there is something wrong in the relationship. Some of these can be solved while others can never be solved.

In the pre commitment stage, you should make the right choice about your relationship as much as possible.

sad-hope-painPrevention of pain

You must make the most conscious choice and avoid any pain that comes your way in the future by not continuing with any relationship that brings pain to you in the initial level. This can save a lot of pain in the future.

Ask yourself whether this is the right relationship for you. A long term relationship should start with a commitment. You must acknowledge he or she is the one before you go ahead for any commitment at all. Gain clarity in everything before you start practically on your long term relationship.

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