How to Let a Guy Know You Are Interested

How to Let a Guy Know You Are Interested

In today’s culture it is perfectly acceptable for a woman to go after whatever she wants. This includes education, occupations and even men. However, some women are shyer when it comes to guys and want them to make the first move. Therefore, it is important to know the most effective ways to show a guy that you are interested. These signals will be the best way to get your crush’s attention without making the first move. However, if you are bold and know what you want, you should be willing to go after the guy of your dreams at all costs.

couple-attentionAvoid Flirting with Others

If you want him to realize that you are interested, it is best that you don’t give him mixed signals. If you are flirting with other guys around him he may just assume that you really aren’t interested in him.

This will cause him to doubt if your chemistry is real or if you just flirt with everyone. If you want him to know your feelings, you should only flirt with him to make it obvious that you are interested.

taliking-coupleGive Him Attention

Most guys are not subtle and don’t catch on to subtle hints. Therefore, if you like him you should give him attention and don’t ignore him. Ignoring a guy will not make him more likely to pine after you.

In contrast, it probably makes him uninterested and forces him to find another love interest that gives him attention. Guys want to be acknowledged and appreciated, so you have to show him that you care in order for him to approach you.

sexy-woman-breastsDress to Get His Attention

Women are blessed with the physical attributes that most men adore and you can use your assets to get his attention and make him take notice. However, you don’t have to dress overtly sexy to make him interested in you.

The key is to be yourself and have confidence in the clothes that you wear. A confident woman is always much more desirable to a man.

flirting-date-couple-loveDon’t Make Small Talk

Talk about the weather and generic conversations are okay for a certain period of time, but eventually you have to move on to deeper conversations.

A guy will see that you are interested in him if you are willing to share intimate details of your life with him. The more willing you are to engage in real conversation, will only make it more evident that you want a relationship.

teasing-winking-flirtingDon’t Tease Too Much

Teasing can be a great way to break the ice and flirt with the guy that you are interested in, but too much teasing might give him the wrong impression.

Some guys are dense and see teasing as a sign that you don’t like him. To avoid this confusion it is best to not tease too much.

smiling-womanGive Him a Smile

Smiles are inviting and signal that you are willing and interested.

Most guys are not willing to approach girls that are inviting or at least somewhat friendly.

talking-couple-dateLet Your Guard Down

In Order for the guy that you are interested in to see your true feelings, you must be willing to let him in.

This can be done in subtle ways, but don’t be too shy that you miss out on an opportunity at love because you were too guarded.

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