Is Your Boyfriend Husband Material?

Is Your Boyfriend Husband Material?

So, you’ve been with your boyfriend for some time now. This could be the perfect time to move the relationship to the next level. However, before you decide to hint that you want him to propose, you need to make sure he’s the perfect man and is husband material. The perfect boyfriend doesn’t make the perfect husband.

happy-coupleHe Treats You as an Equal

You don’t want a marriage where he makes it clear that men are better than women. Sure, you may have jokes that men are better at some things than women and a woman’s job is in the kitchen, but does he really think that?

There is a fine line between joking and it becoming a future possibility. If he treats you as an equal usually, it’s a sign that he’s good man and perfect as a husband.

woman-friendsYou Can Spend Time with the Girls

You shouldn’t have to negotiate to go out with your friends, unless of course money is tight and there are other commitments at the times you want to go out!

He shouldn’t stop you from seeing your friends, as a husband or boyfriend. If he’s doing it now, it’s not a good sign; he’ll do it more in the future.

friends-group-youngHe Doesn’t Mind You Having Guy Friends

Guys that make good husbands will be happy about your friends—girls or guys. Sure, he may not like them on a personal level but he isn’t worried that they will try to make a move.

He shouldn’t mind you going out with your friends where other guys will be as well. A boyfriend who is husband material trusts you to come back home to him at the end of the night.

sleeping-bag-couple-tripHe Doesn’t Stop You Doing Things He Doesn’t Like

Just because he doesn’t like to do something shouldn’t mean that you can’t do it—as long as it’s good for you!

If you enjoy scuba diving and want to go on trips, a good husband will not stop you from going without a very good reason. He’ll support you in your choice of activity.

happy-couple-love-bedHe’s Supportive of Your Dreams

So, you want to be a doctor but it means five years of university and then a lot of training afterwards. If your boyfriend is trying to stop you do it completely, he’s not very supportive.

He may want to talk through your options and discuss the financial problems but he shouldn’t stop you completely. This is a sign of a good husband.

happy-couple-loveHe Doesn’t Bring Up the Past

Arguments are a normal part of a relationship—boyfriend or husband. A boyfriend who is husband material won’t bring up the past.

He’ll fight fair and agree to disagree or somehow bring the argument to an end that is fair for both of you; even if it means a compromise on his end.

If he continually brings up the past now or fails to compromise, what’s he going to be like in a few years time when you’re married?

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