Sex after 50: Let The Good Times Roll!

Sex after 50: Let The Good Times Roll!

When a woman hits the age of 50, many people picture in their mind a grey haired grandma with a cane and a shawl around her shoulders. However, this is an old myth because a woman in her 50’s is not ready for the retirement home. Here is more information how a 50 year old can still have a lot of fun especially when it comes to sex.

ovulation-temperature-pregnancy-testThe fear of getting pregnant is gone:

By the time a woman is in her middle 40’s, she has more than likely gone through with menopause as well.

When a woman in her 50s can enjoy sex without having to worry about getting using birth control to prevent getting pregnant, which can make sex a lot of fun and worry-free.

child-crying-sad-No kids to interrupt intimacy time:

By the time a woman is 50 years old, her children are grown and out of the house.

Now, a woman has all the time she wants for intimacy with her husband without having to worry about kids interrupting the fun.

bed-pillows-brownYou know what you want in the bedroom:

Sex has been a part of a 50 year old woman’s life for a long time, and by now, a woman knows exactly what will get her sexually turned on.

There are no more guessing games on the part of a woman’s partner, which means that sex will become something that both people will enjoy.

saving-money-keysYou have less financial worries:

When a woman has a lot of worries on her mind, like about money, that can cause her a lot of stress. Stress can do a lot to the body including kill her desire for sex.

However, by the time a woman is 50, she is more than likely in a better place financially, and there is nothing that can stop her sex drive.

couple-mature-50sYou have more time now:

Some women can ease off of work, or retire all together by the time they are in their 50s.

Now with more free time, being intimate can happen any time of the night or day since a woman has more free time now then she ever had before.

happy-mature-coupleHormones are your friends:

If woman has problems with vaginal dryness, or a lack of sex drive, then a trip to the doctor can easily remedy both situations.

Hormone levels can become normal again, which is going to make sex as good as it ever was if not better.

mature-couple-bicycleYou and your partner can explore things together:

Now is the time for all sexual inhibition to go away because two people who are in love can try things they have always wanted to try. It is time for two people to take that trip to the adult store to see if anything there is of interest to them.

Adult stores can provide things like sexy lingerie, toys, magazines, videos, and countless other sources of adult fun. Two people can pick something adult out together, go home, and give it a try, and now have to worry about anything but the fun and excitement of being with one another.

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