What You Shouldn’t Say On a First Date

What You Shouldn’t Say On a First Date

There are countless of guides that help you approach a first date, but many of them don’t tell you what not to say. If you want to make your Friday night first date a success, you should definitely avoid these topics. Although these phrases shouldn’t be uttered on your very first date, if it goes well you can ask them later. However, if you ask these questions on date one, there will never be a date two.

woman-money-thinkingHow much money do you make?

While this is an important question when you are looking for someone to share your life with, it is not the ideal way to start a first date. This might give him the impression that you are more interested in his income than him.

If you want to avoid making a bad impression, try to stay away from conversations that focus on money. Sometimes asking about money will only make you seem superficial in the eyes of your date.

woman-thinkingHow do I look?

On your first date, you have probably made every effort to look your best, but don’t make him give you a compliment. Allow him to tell you how you look without your prodding him into a compliment.

Even if you are confident in your appearance, being too abrasive can be seen as a big turnoff for many guys.

politics-electionWho did you vote for in the last election?

You might be very active politically and have strong views, but the first date is no time for a political discussion.

The mood should be light and not become too serious by focusing on political conversations. If this is an important question to you, just wait until you know your date better to ask it.

kids-childrenHow many kids do you want to have?

Topics like this are critical when you are looking for a spouse, but the first date is no time to begin counting your children.

This will only scare home and give him the impression that you are looking for an extremely serious and long term relationship.

You should never discuss kids until you are comfortable and in a committed relationship with another person. Any time before that is simply too soon.

ex-love-triangle-cheatWhat went wrong between you and your ex?

While the topic of past relationships will probably come up, it is never good to ask for specifics.

In time, your date will give you insight into past relationships, but you should let them open up when they are ready major conversations can take place, you must have a level of comfort that isn’t possible on the very first date.

first-date-coupleHave you ever been in love?

On the first date you should avoid the topic of love altogether. That means not talking about your past love interests or asking if he has ever been in love.

The first date is not time for such an important and serious discussion. If you want the night to go seamlessly avoid this four letter word altogether.

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