Surprising New Uses for Your Old Smartphone

Surprising New Uses for Your Old Smartphone

Cell phone companies are making it easier for you to upgrade your smartphone more often, which means that you may have one or more older phones lying around the house. In some cases, these phones aren’t worth much and may be difficult to sell, even to cell phone recycling companies online. If you have a smartphone that’s taking up space in a junk drawer, there are a number of ways that you can still use it, even if you can’t use it to make calls.

smartphone-woman-game-textA Gaming System

Even if you can’t make calls, you can still use that old phone as a gaming system.

Download free games that don’t require Wi-Fi and keep the phone in the bathroom or anywhere else where you might want to pass the time.

phone-woman-bed-alarm-sleepAs an Alarm System

Your old smartphone still functions as a clock, a stopwatch, and has a number of alarm settings. Use it to track your progress as you work out or use the alarm for when you’re cooking.

You can use the clock graphics to teach your younger kids about how to tell time.

woman-music-phone2As an MP3 Player

If your old smartphone has a lot of memory, delete the apps and store music and videos on it instead. This will allow you to have a multimedia player around the house for you and your family to enjoy.

Since you can download all your entertainment, you won’t need any kind of Wi-Fi access to access it.

texting-phone-happyAn Alternate Texting Option

There are several free apps that will allow you to use your old phone for texting. As long as you have access to Wi-Fi, you can send texts over your old phone and have an alternate phone for emergencies.

It’s a great way for your kids to text their friends without you having to add an extra texting bundle onto your plan.

smartphone-handUse It as a Camera

Your old smartphone can still take and store photos. Take it on vacations or let your kids practice taking photos with it.

Download a few photo apps for them too so that they can edit and change the photos they take.

savings-account-calculator-financesTurn It into a Financial Tool

Use the calculator, notepad, and a few financial apps to turn your old phone into a banking tool. Make notes about the money you spend and use it to help balance your checkbook.

When you’re out, write down what you spend so that you can deduct it from your main register when you get home.

athletic-runningAs a Gym Buddy

If you’re concerned about dropping or scratching your new phone while you’re at the gym, then filling your old phone with music, media, and using it to track your caloric intake is the perfect solution.

You can use the notepad and free apps to keep track of how often you work, and there are even apps that track how many steps you take during the day.

Even though you can’t make calls on your old smartphone anymore, there are still plenty of ways for it to remain as useful as ever.

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