The Perfect Apps for the Road

The Perfect Apps for the Road

If you’re planning on going anywhere this Christmas, you want to be prepared. Your car is fuelled, your bags are packed with the necessities, and you have the music for the drive. However, that doesn’t mean you’re ready. Technology offers many benefits and one of those is the apps available on smartphones. Here are the perfect apps to make sure you’re ready for your journey.

MealTicket for Your Refreshment Needs

You will likely need to make a stop along the way. Even if you’re not travelling too far, you may want to consider stopping for a drink. MealTicket is perfect for saving money, with a range of discount codes and vouchers to use in the various restaurants around the country. You will get notifications if you want and can even check reviews before you make the decision on where to eat.

TV Diner to Remember Where to Go

You may have a list of all the places that you want to go after watching them on the TV. The problem is that list has been left at home, or it was never written down and you’ve forgotten about it. TV Diner is perfect for this. It lists all restaurants featured on some of the main cooking and food programs, so you don’t have to remember them. Simply input the city and you will get a list. You can then check MealTicket for any vouchers available.

Rest Area Finder for Those Pitstop Needs

There is nothing worse than getting on a long journey and finding that you need the bathroom with no signs in sight. The Rest Area Finder stops the guesswork by telling you the location of the nearest rest area for you. This app also includes information about views around the rest area if you decide you want to stretch your legs.


GasBuddy When You Need to Fill Up

You’ve had the needed fuel, now it’s time for your car. But where is the best place to stop? You don’t want to stop to find that just 10 miles later was somewhere much cheaper, but that happens without GasBuddy. This app will tell you the nearest fuel points near you with the rundown of the cost, so you can make an informed decision.

Roadside America for Sights Along the Way

Do you want a boring road trip or would you like to see things along the way. Most people opt for the latter but it can mean a lot of planning—and you may miss the best ones. Roadside America tells you all the monuments on your journey, so you can decide when you want to stop and what you want to see. There are even directions to avoid getting lost!

Trip Journal Lite

Now that you’re on the road, you may want to document your journey. There’s no need to take the paper and pen anymore and hope you describe everything perfectly. Trip Journal Lite lets you take photos and store them on your phone in a journal. You can make notes about your trip and remember it forever.

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