Choosing Your Maid of Honour: Who’s the Best Woman for the Job

Choosing Your Maid of Honour: Who’s the Best Woman for the Job

Your maid of honour is traditionally a sister or close female relative or friend. Does that mean you have to choose that person? It is a really important job and you need to find someone who will be able to do everything on your list. Here are some tips for picking the perfect maid of honour for your wedding.

weddig-bride-haystackYou Don’t Have to Have One!

Just because tradition states that you need a maid of honour doesn’t mean you actually need to have one. There are many benefits to not bothering.

There are no risks of making someone feel upset that you didn’t choose them, no risk of putting pressure on someone who can’t handle it and you can control it all yourself.

wedding-bride-made-of-honor3They Need to Handle Emergencies

You don’t want to deal with the emergencies on the big day. You want someone who can do it for you so you can concentrate on getting ready; you’ve already had a lot to deal with!

Pick someone who you know can handle the emergencies and has proven to be useful in tight situations in the past.

wedding-bride-made-of-honor5Pick Someone Organised

Organisation is essential. You need someone who turns up on time and will be able to handle a lot of tasks together.

This isn’t something everyone can do. The last thing you want is your maid of honour to forget your husband’s wedding ring!

wedding-bride-made-of-honorThe Maid of Honour Needs to be Reliable

If your closest friend has a habit of missing nights out, she isn’t the person you want for this duty. You need someone you can rely on. There are all sorts of things happening on the day.

The wedding photographer may show up late, your groom may have lost something and the best man needs your help or the venue may end up flooding! Your maid of honour needs to be someone you can rely on to sort out other details while you take care of some.

wedding-bride-made-of-honor3She Needs to Make You Look Good

You want a friend who is willing to do something that makes you look the best in the photos. You don’t want her over-staging you!

This may make you seem vain but it is your wedding day. You’d do the same for her on hers, wouldn’t you?

wedding-bride-made-of-honor-childFind Someone You Can Trust

As well as reliable, you need someone trustworthy. You will be shopping for dresses together and booking events together.

Your maid of honour needs to be someone who won’t share photos of your final wedding dress with others and will keep surprises for your guests to see. If you have trouble trusting her with the smallest of things, she isn’t the person for you.

wedding-bride-made-of-honor2She Needs to be Available

Not in the date sense! In the timing sense! She needs to be someone who will be able to go to wedding fayres with you or shop for dresses.

While your sister may be close to you, if she lives on the other side of the world then she isn’t the right option for this!

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