5 Disadvantages of Working from Home

5 Disadvantages of Working from Home

A lot of people’s dream is to work from home, and it is true that this can have huge advantages. However, there are disadvantages as well, which worth considering before a final decision.

woman-work-home-computerNo active resting time

For those who have an actual place to work – an office, for example – have a complete working schedule as well. Starting with an usual wake-up time, over lunch break until the end of the shift, they do practically the same every day, then they return to the comfort of their home.

In contrast, those who work at home are basically all day at work.

Sure can consider that you will have all day to enjoy the comfort of your home, but the reality is that you may think otherwise after a few weeks.

working-home-woman-computer2Always in nighties?

Dressing up? Doing your hair and make-up? Seriously, why bother when no one actually sees? It is quite understandable to think like this, but your man’s opinion may be not the same.

Those who work at home often disregard their appearance, and what is more serious, their health as well, since the irregular schedule can easily be associated with irregular eating. Besides this, the amount of physical activity decreases, too – it’s also not a good point to your body and soul.

stress-workMore stress

Do you believe it? Probably not, but it’s true that in the same job, home workers proved to be more stressed than those who are in the office.

All of this is mostly due to the fact that at home you are alone without anybody who could help – well, in the office, the situation is the opposite.

In addition, those who carry out their tasks at home, tend to do multitasking: a quick grocery shopping, starting the washing machine, talking on the phone, and working of course.

Sharing attention among tasks may improve your productivity in the short run, but leads to stress because of obvious reasons.

working-home-woman-computerHome alone

Being with others is not vital for everyone, but many people find it hard to be alone all day.

Even if you work in a relatively separated office, you can feel that there are people around you. In contrast, at home some kind of loneliness awaits for you, and that is not entirely good.

In addition, it may cause conflicts in your relationship, as as you understandably prefer to go out, while your beloved wants to stay at home after a day of work.

woman-work-home-computer3Negligence danger

Managing your own time can be an enormous advantage, but disadvantage as well. At any time, anything can intervene, and your personal life may conflict with your responsibilities. Especially if you’re not sufficiently experienced, you can be prone to procrastination.

However, this also means that you won’t deliver a quality job, to your boss’ disappointment.

What is more, your man may ask you to do some more household chores, because he thinks that it’s so easy for you to work from home. If you have a tendency of running out of time and having an irregular schedule, working from home is not your piece of cake!

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