How To Ask For a Raise and Get It!

How To Ask For a Raise and Get It!

Asking for a raise when there are still so many people out of work around the country may not seem like the best idea but if you have been making progress at your job and taking on more responsibility than it is time to ask for a raise.

How you approach the situation will determine if you get the raise or not. Knowing the right way to ask will pay off handsomely. Depending on the size of your organization and where you fit in the scheme of things the conversation may be had with the owner of the company (if it is a small business) or your supervisor.

Getting Ready

A lot of women have a problem with realizing their worth and feel grateful to have a job. That “grateful to have a job” mind set is not the one you need to ask for a raise. You have to be able to see your way clear to what your worth is.

Start out by making a list of all the responsibilities you have at your job and all the responsibilities you have taken on through-out the last year. Have you recently (in the last 6 months) closed a big account deal? Make sure you put that on your list. Any achievements that you have made in the last year needs to go on your list.

If you have picked up additional duties through-out the year put that on your list as well. A lot of companies in their effort to save money have divided up additional jobs among their current staff members to avoid having to hire additional people. That is fine but you should be compensated for picking up those additional duties.


The Conversation

With list in hand you need to make an appointment to see whomever it is that oversees your salary. Before your meeting time you need to consider the following:

1. This is a business conversation, it is not personal. You have to approach this as you would approach any other negotiation. You want something and the person you are about to see can get you what you want but it is not a personal issue, it is a business issue and should be approached as such.

2. Make sure you have done your research into what other people in like positions are making for other companies. That list you made that has your additional duties that you picked up should also include how much it would cost the company to hire someone to do those additional duties.

3. Be realistic! Don’t ask for a raise that is more than 5% of your current salary. 5% is the absolute max.

Take a deep breath and be prepared to explain why you deserve a raise. Use your list as talking notes. DO NOT threaten to leave your job if you do not get the raise unless you really have another offer on the table. You can bluff your way right out of a job! If the answer is no ask when you can readdress the issue. Most of the time if you are deserving the answer may not be yes we will give you a 5% raise but it can be we will give you a something % raise!

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