Tips to Help Avoid Redundancy

Tips to Help Avoid Redundancy

Once, being employed meant that you had a lot of protection. However, as the economy declined, businesses started losing money. Some were forced to close, which is when redundancy is impossible to avoid but others were making cuts to their forces to help remain viable. When this is the case, you may be in the firing line but you can avoid being one of the victims.

businesswoman-work-chairProve Your Worth

The first thing to do is prove that you’re valuable for the company. Do you bring in the most money through your excellent sales techniques? Maybe you pick up the slack and get all the tasks done in the office.

Don’t let the fear of redundancy stop you from doing this. The more your employer sees that he needs you, the less likely he is going to get rid of you.

googleGoogle Yourself

It’s really important to see your branding online. When you Google your name, what type of things come up? Do you regularly post on forums about controversial issues or use foul language?

Do you regularly blog about how bad your employer is? You want the internet to show you in a good light. If there’s anything bad, take the steps to have things removed or hidden from the searches.

linkedinUse LinkedIn to Your Advantage

Networking is a powerful tool and LinkedIn allows you to do that. Set up a profile and fill it in with your skills and achievements.

It shows you are serious about yourself as a professional and your employer will be more inclined to take you on; especially over someone he isn’t too sure about when it comes to commitment.

happy-smiling-young-businesswoman-workDress to Impress

Your wardrobe says a lot about your professional ability. If you dress with your profession in mind, even when out of the office, you’ll make a much better impression.

Think about your clothes and what they say about you, especially when in the office. If your office is smart casual, lean towards the smart side of the scale.

procrastinating-thinking-work-businessConsider Switching Areas in the Business

You could talk to your employer about other opportunities within the business.

Make it clear that you want to stay with the company and while you’d rather do the job you already do, explain that you are willing to retrain. When you put the business first, your employer will see that you’re indispensable.

happy-business-woman-colleaguesStay Positive Throughout the Process

It’s easy to start worrying about redundancy and whether you’ll have a job in a few months time. Try not to let it worry you and act positively.

Avoid the office talk about it and just get on with your work. If you worry, you’re likely to put less effort into your work and this will reflect badly on you.

cv-job-applicationGet Your CV Ready

Sometimes you can’t avoid redundancy. Get your CV ready just in case it does happen and start looking for other jobs.

Don’t make it common knowledge that you are looking for other opportunities – it will give a bad impression for your current boss.

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