Top Tips for Working from Home

Top Tips for Working from Home

Working from home is a great option for many women. If you’re a mum, you can reduce your childcare costs. If you’re single, you get to be your own boss. While it isn’t for everyone, there are some skills that you can learn and develop to make it a successful career option. Here are some quick tips to make working from home a viable option for you.

woman-working-home-notebook-computerSet a Schedule Every Day

Make sure you have a schedule on a daily basis. This will include a time to start work and a time to finish. You will need to think about lunch, breaks, and all the other little bits that come from running your own business.

It’s really easy to let yourself ease off when you’re in the comfort of your own home, but it just leads to problems with earning money.

woman-house-happy-smileSet Regular Breaks to Step Away

You need to step away from the computer now and then. Make sure you set yourself regular breaks. Some people recommend a break every 30 minutes, while others recommend five minutes every hour.

The trick is to finding something that works for you. This will also help your productivity, since you know there is a break coming up.

hand-writing-plan-numbers-businessSet Out a Business Plan and Goals

All businesses need goals and a plan. If you don’t have either of these, how do you know if you are on the right track? Your goals are what you want to achieve, while your plan lays out the steps to do that.

If you’re looking for finance, you will need a detailed plan that shows how you’re going to spend money and get it back.

working-home-woman-computer3Have a Place for Working Only

So many people think the benefit of working from home is being able to work anywhere. While that can help, having a specific place just for your work will help to separate family time and work time.

If you can, designate a specific room for your office. If you can’t do that, have a specific section of a room for this and leave all work stuff there.

receiptKeep Hold of All Receipts

Anything you need for business can be claimed back through your tax in various ways. For example, that stationary or that paper you need for writing letters and making notes can be claimed as taxable allowances.

You can also claim the depreciation of your computers and cars, as long as you use them specifically for your business. Talk to an accountant but make sure you keep hold every receipt to make claiming back possible.

woman-money2Don’t Expect to be Successful Overnight

No business grew to be successful overnight; although it often seems that way. You will need to work hard at it and help it grow.

There will be times that you fail, but with a good business plan and work ethic that does not mean the end. That being said, make sure you are willing to admit defeat if you know it isn’t going to work.

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