What You Shouldn’t Say to Working Mums

What You Shouldn’t Say to Working Mums

If you’re a stay at home mum, you may have personal views about those who choose to go out to work. There is nothing wrong with you having these views, but you need to understand that some mums go back to work out of necessity and not out of choice. Others may choose to go back for the social aspect for both themselves and the children. You need to watch what you say around working mums, especially these thoughts.

mother-working-childAnything About Being There for Children

Working mothers go through those thoughts about not being there to see their children grow up. They may worry about missing parents’ evenings or the school plays.

They may even worry about missing the first words if they have had to go back to work at an early stage. Avoid saying anything that concerns that subject. They likely already feel guilty enough.

working-mother-presentSomething Involving Having to Work

Parents likely wish that they could take the time off to spend with their family. Many working mothers would love nothing more than to give up their jobs and be a stay at home mum, but they can’t afford to do it.

By asking them whether they really need to work, you’re bringing up the pain and guilty that they constantly feel. Those who don’t have to work but choose to for other reasons may start to feel guilty too when you ask this.

working-mother-baby-comupterMentioning Studies That Prove They’re Wrong

There are studies all the time on children and parents, whether the parents work or stay at home. You may have read something that shows you’re doing the best for your children by staying at home, but that doesn’t mean it is the best choice for your friend.

The best thing to do is avoid talking about any of the studies. You wouldn’t like it if she brought up a study about the benefits of working.

babysitterWorking from Home and Babysitters

There is a common misconception that people who work from home can look after their children at the same time. Depending on the job and the working hours, this could be possible.

However, childcare is needed some of the time. Don’t bring up the choice of hiring a nanny—working and playing at the same time is simply not possible.

pregnant-woman-computerQuestioning the Choice to Have Children

Another big issue for working mothers is those that question their choice. You may wonder why they chose to have children knowing they were going back to work, but there are many reasons.

Remember that it is a personal choice, and women deserve both nowadays. Also, remember that working isn’t an option for some mothers.

working-mother-baby-comupter2Mentioning the Break from the Kids

Working mothers get a break by being at work, but only from the kids. They don’t get that time to do as they please. They are working on their professional careers.

There is then the housework and other stuff to do when they get home that stay at home mothers do during the day.

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