The Beauty Products That Don’t Help!

You see anti-aging adverts all the time. There’s always some new lotion, cream or miracle product—some company wanting you to spend money. They make you believe that their product is the best and a must-have, only for you to find out that it doesn’t really work. There are some beauty products that you don’t really need. Chances are something natural and cheaper will do the job perfectly.

The Toner to Remove Makeup

Your skin really doesn’t need you to use toner to remove your makeup. There are some facial wipes out there that are great, but regular water with face washes are perfect.

Toner was designed for when soap left residue, but that doesn’t happen as much now that technology has advanced. Save money and time by just skipping it completely.



Shampoos Designed to Tackle Dandruff

There are a lot of products designed to tackle dandruff. What you may not realise is that they can cause the skin to dry out, which is why your dandruff occurs.

There are medical reasons for this to happen, and you may want to talk to your doctor before doing anything else.

However, if you have bad dandruff for a non-medical reason, try brushing your hair 100 times before you wash it. It encourages the oils to release, which will help to moisten the skin in the scalp.

Lotions to Firm the Skin

Have you come across a new lotion that is “scientifically designed to firm the skin?” Everyone has but that doesn’t mean they work! In fact, most contain products that just boost the blood flow rather than working on the skin

. The best thing you can do is exercise and focus on a healthy diet. While it’s harder work, it’s cheaper, natural and better for you.



Shampoos Designed to Add Colour

You’ll find some shampoos state that they enhance colour. That’s no possible and you want to avoid them. The shampoos that you do want are those designed to care for coloured hair.

They add the moisture back in that colouring takes out. Another option is to stop washing your hair as much, but you may already be limiting that at the moment.

Shaving Cream for Softening Hair

Shaving cream was once really important. It would soften the roots of the hair making it easier and more comfortable to shave.

However, that’s not a necessity any more. Shower gel works just as well, if not better. You will also find that your shower gel cleans your legs at the same time! Save your time and money by skipping the extra product.



Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

This will depend on your personal circumstances and location, but in most cases you don’t need multivitamins or supplements for your diet. Folic acid and vitamin D are recommended though if you live in a darker place and struggle to get it through your diet.

Food is full of natural vitamins and minerals—all the ones that you need on a daily basis. If you’re worried, talk to your doctor about whether you need to supplement them.

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