Tips to Wear a Maxi Skirt with Style

A maxi skirt is a great investment during the summer. It will keep your legs covered if you don’t like showing them off but the fabric is still loose and light to deal with the heat. When wearing a maxi skirt, you want to look great and this means following a few style tips.

Try Before You Buy

Don’t buy a skirt because you think it looks good. There are different patterns and styles when it comes to the maxi skirt and you need to try them on.

This helps to make sure they make you look great and work with your complexion. Stand in natural light where possible to help make sure it works for you.

Try Different Fabrics

Different types of fabrics will sit in different ways. Try out the different ones to make sure it works for your figure and shape.

This is also worth thinking about for the summer to make sure it is cool enough and works with your summer wardrobe.

Match Your Top

You need to think about the top that you will wear. If you have a lot of pattern on the skirt, you want to avoid contrasting patterns on the top.

It is usually best to pick a block colour for the top – one that matches one of the colours in the skirt. If your skirt is one colour, make sure the top works with it in terms of shade and pattern.

Tucking Your Top In

Depending on the style of skirt, the top could work tucked in. This is great if you have a skirt that is quite fitting at the top and you want to show off your waistline.

If you have a long flowing skirt, you may want a fitting top that sits over the top. Avoid tucking anything in that will create bulges in places that you don’t want! You could also use two tops with the bottom one tucked in.

Think About Your Shoes

Not all shoes will work with maxi skirts. Flat sandals and gladiator style shoes are often great options when looking for something to go with a long skirt.

If you want to add height, consider open-toe shoes and wedge heels. Avoid sneakers, boots and closed in flats as they will make you look frumpy and unfashionable.

Adding Accessories to Your Skirt

Maxi skirts look great with big and dangly accessories. Consider buying a belt that has material hanging down on one side or those that are made from beads.

You could also look out for hooped earrings, beaded necklaces and block wristbands to help you stand out.

Making It Look Like a Dress

You can opt for one block colour with skirt and top to make your maxi skirt look like a dress. This is quick, simple and saves money on a new wardrobe!

You will also look elegant. However, think about the style of skirt before you try to do this. Those with patterns aren’t easily turned into dresses.

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