Fun Ways to Tell Your Family You’re Pregnant

You’ve reached the 12 week stage and now you want to share your good news with your family and friends. There are a few ways that people do this, such as posting a picture of their sonogram on Facebook or phoning people to tell them. But you want to do it in a fun and inventive way. Here are a few fun ways to tell your family and friends that you’re expecting a baby.

The Big Brother/Sister Sign

If you already have children, get them involved. Get them to hold up a sign to say that they’re going to be a big brother or sister. There are now vests and t-shirts that say “best big brother/sister.” You could put a sign that says “to be” afterwards and share that as a picture with your friends and family members.

Wait for People to Notice the T-shirt

Still using the t-shirt idea for children, just put it on them and walk out the door. Don’t take photos or post anything on social networking sites.

Take a trip to your parents’ or your friends’ homes and wait for them to see that there is something the little one is trying to tell them.

Give Gifts to People

Break the news personally to each person. If you’re telling your sister, buy a gift that says “you’re going to be an auntie” or something similar.

This can stretch your budget, depending on the type of gift you buy, but it is a great way to making them feel special and a part of this journey. You don’t need to buy something personalised; you could make it yourself!

Take a Photo of Shoes

It sounds strange at first but some people will miss the message at first. It’s a fun way to get people talking and you can tell everyone at the same time. Take a photo of your and your partner’s shoes and then put the baby shoes next to them or even inside the shoes. You can then post the photo on your social networking sites and wait for people to realise just what you’re telling them.

Take a Photo of a Bun in the Oven

There’s a common saying of having a bun in the oven when someone is expecting a baby. You can use this as a way to inform your friends and family members.

Take a photo of a real bun in the oven and then post it on social media. Just wait for people to start connecting the dots to the actual news you’re trying to tell them.

Send Out Baby Announcement Cards

Cards were traditionally used to let people know about your upcoming addition to the family. You can do this, but add a funny twist to the card.

You could say that your future tax deduction is on its way or that the spare room will no longer be a spare room. Find something that suits your lifestyle and that your friends will understand.

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