No-Tear Tips For Working Moms That Travel

Not only are business trips rough on working mothers with busy schedules, but they can also be a nightmare for kids. However, for most working professional moms, travel is unavoidable and necessary to your profession. The worst part about goodbye is your child screaming and running after you as you leave your home. The guilt and sadness can be overwhelming, but here are some easy tips to make travel for work more manageable and enjoyable for both you and your child.

Kids Play While Moms Away

The best way to make the transition easier is to plan for fun while you are traveling on the road. This can easily be achieved by arranging for the caretaker to take your children for a fun night out.

Plan a night at the movies or an evening of pizza and bowling. Inform your children that you wish you could be with them, but you have planned for a special night to take their mind off your departure.

This will make your child happy and understand how special they are to you.



Take Flight

Home departures can often be the most stressful and result in the loudest screams. However, choosing to bring your children to the airport for goodbyes can give you extra time for hugs and kisses.

Airports also capture children’s attention and might distract them as you leave. This will make your departure a much more pleasant and less stressful experience for all.

Make Your Children Aware

Learning of your business trip the day of your departure can be overwhelming and difficult for children.

It is best to plan for your work trips together by decorating a calendar with your departure dates and arrival. This will keep your child informed and ensure that they are not surprised.



Leave Loving Reminders

It doesn’t take much to please a child or make them feel special. Be sure to leave behind loving notes in their lunches or special cards in their bedrooms, while you are gone.

Try to pick creative places that they will see. Little notes will make a big difference and ensure that your child feels special.

Use Technology

Technology has made it much easy to stay in constant contact and communication with your loved ones. You can use Skype or Facetime to see your children’s faces while you are away for work.

Play silly games of peek a boo or read stories before bed. This will give you time together while you are still away.



Create A Ritual

Allow your children to camp out in sleeping bags in the living room while you are gone or let them watch movies before bed. These fun activities can become rituals that occur when you go away for work.

This will allow your kids to feel better about your departure and give you some peace of mind.


A Productive Trip

Traveling for work can be stressful and unpleasant, but if you know your children are comfortable, you can have a more productive trip.

Just make sure that your children know they are special and are always in your thoughts.

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