If you suffered from acne in the past, you likely have the scars to prove it. This is especially common if you picked or squeezed at your pimples. While you can hide them with makeup, you still know that they are there. The good news is that there are thingsRead More →

BB creams are the latest skin craze that has migrated to the United States from Asia. These BB creams are much like foundation, but they are multitasking creams with more than one skin benefit. BB creams are specifically designed to hydrate skin, while correcting blemishes and evening out skin tones.Read More →

Acne is a common problem for many women and since its causes are not properly identified, it is difficult to control and cure. And if that is not good enough, acne pimples often leave scars, so once you’re done with an acne flare up, you will have to deal withRead More →

What do starlets Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian have in common? Besides the fact that they are amongst some of the most desirable women in Hollywood, they also share the distinction of baring a pair of plump, juicy lips. This appealing feature has garnished these ladies many beautyRead More →

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Exfoliating is extremely beneficial for the skin. It removes the dirt and grime from the pores and opens them up to shine. It also removes the dead skin cells so the newer ones shine through. While you can buy exfoliates over the counter, there are natural methods that help toRead More →