It is unfortunately true that women are not generally granted the upper hand when it comes to academics, many career paths, and knowledge of select topics. There are certainly many women that have proven these allegations to be false and inaccurate, but there seems to be a smoking fog thatRead More →

Even though in the past some occupations were reserved for only men and women didn’t have adequate opportunities in some professions, this inequality is rarely in existence today. Women are just as likely to hold jobs in highly skilled professions and women even graduate from college at higher rates thanRead More →

Being a great manager or director is important. You will create a team of employees who want to work harder but can come to you when there are problems. Some people simply aren’t cut out for this job but others will excel in more ways than one. Here are someRead More →

Your CV is the first thing potential employers will see so it needs to be good. You need to show off your skills, your confidence and how you will help the company in this one to two page document. Many CVs are glanced over and placed in the reject pile,Read More →