It’s the end of the wedding and the honeymoon is over. It’s time to go home and go back to your normal lives. This is it now—and it can cause the post-wedding blues to hit you. You can prevent them from cropping up and causing a problem in your lives.Read More →

There are many reasons for people to get a divorce. One of those is due to growing apart, while another is where there is fault on one party. The answer to the question of whether it is time to get a divorce depends on the situation and your mutual feelings.Read More →

When you get married, the last thing you’re thinking about is divorce. You believe that any marriage can work with some time and attention. However, that doesn’t stop those nagging feelings when you hear all about the statistics surrounding the dreaded D word. The truth is that a lot ofRead More →

Most laws regarding sex are there for a reason. They can be to protect vulnerable people, or may be due to social pressure. However, like any laws, there are some strange sex ones. They all had a place and time, but are still part of the world laws of today.Read More →

Every parent does their best at raising their children. As a parent you try to instill the values in which you grew up with. Sometimes things happen to change your family and how you look at different situations. Building a Trusting Relationship As you raise your children you want toRead More →

It is one thing when your husband has a cold or the flu having to deal with the situation it is a completely different thing when you have to take care of your spouse because they have a terminal illness or a chronic condition. It can be absolutely daunting toRead More →

Same-sex marriage is everywhere in the news today as homosexuals rally for gay and lesbian rights. As a result, more and more states are sanctioning gay marriage, affording these happy couples the same rights and privileges that straight people enjoy. Your kids, however, may have questions about this controversial topic,Read More →