Stress is the number one problem for adults around the world. It causes mental health issues like depression and anxiety and is linked to medical problems like high blood pressure and heart attacks. Stress puts the body under a lot of tension and increases the amount of adrenaline passing throughRead More →

Every woman has at least one nightmare in their life. Sometimes these are one-night, make your skin shiver dreams while others are recurring nightmares that affect you during your waking hours and into your future. There is generally a reason for someone to have a nightmare; it is the subconsciousRead More →

More and more women are leading stressful lifestyles nowadays. Between the stress of work, children at home, financial responsibilities and just keeping up with everyday tasks, you find that there is no time left for anything else. Here are few tips for relaxing your mind and body. Meditate Not necessarilyRead More →

Motherhood brings all sorts of feelings. While you expect to feel joy all the time, it is also scary to think that the life of something so small is in your hands. It can be overwhelming at times, especially in the busy world that we live in. Don’t worry though;Read More →

The majority of women suffer from the baby blues. This lasts for about two weeks and is when many of the hormones are leaving the body. However, around 10% of mums will suffer from postnatal depression. This is a serious problem but nothing to be ashamed of. The best thingRead More →

Anyone who is fortunate enough to be raising babies and infants knows that when nap times become an issue that has to be forced upon a child, many parents are hesitant in knowing exactly how to handle their children, especially those new parents. While some children may become disheveled andRead More →

Makeup is an art in which cosmetics is applied on the face to improve the looks. Makeup can also be a need in jobs and occupations mostly centered on the show business. It has become a day to day tool to make women and men more presentable. We all doRead More →