Why It’s Time Leonardo DiCaprio Got an Oscar

Did you know that Leonardo DiCaprio is up for another Oscar? More importantly, did you know that despite being nominated for them, he’s never actually won one? With the Oscars coming up, it’s worth looking into him and why it’s time that he finally hit the list of Best Leading Actors at the prestigious award show.

He’s Already a Prestigious Actor

He is known for so many wonderful movies. One of the earliest that most know him for is Titanic, but he went on to do Shutter Island, Inception and The Wolf of Wall Street. It is the latter that he is up for an Oscar for at the moment. With all those big named movies, it seems like he should have already won the award.

He’s Been Nominated 31 Times

When you include every single award show and roles, he’s been nominated a total of 31 times. Want to know how many awards he’s actually won? Just two! One of those was this year’s Grammy Award for The Wolf of Wall Street. He was pipped to the post for the BAFTA, which 12 Days a Slave took instead.

(Photo: wallstreetsurvivor.com)

He’s Graceful When He Loses

It seems like the awards mean nothing to him. Whenever you see him lose, he doesn’t look disappointed. He simply smiles to the camera and congratulates the person who won instead. His gracefulness and professionalism makes him deservedly one of the best actors around. Many others start kicking a fuss—anyone remember Kanye West when he lost Best Album?

He Loses Himself In the Roles

He puts himself into every single role he has. His first big movie was What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. The fact that he was a young star opposite the likes of Johnny Depp and Juliette Lewis meant nothing to him. The movie was about a man who was caring for his mentally handicapped younger brother, who was played by DiCaprio. Everyone thought that they had gotten a young handicapped boy to play the character, but it was all just acting.

He Has Some Serious Talent

He’s definitely not just a pretty face. The man definitely has some talent, and you can see that by the variety of roles he has played convincingly. Look at Titanic and then Catch Me If You Can and then Shutter Island and then The Wolf of Wall Street. All are very different, and have some difficult parts to play. DiCaprio did admit that his latest Wolf of Wall Street was one of the most challenging roles he’s played, but he pulled it off perfectly.

His Portrayal of Jordan Belfort

Just watch the movie The Wolf of Wall Street, which is this year’s nomination for him. It’s also worth reading the reviews. While many movies have their slow parts, there is nothing bad to say about DiCaprio’s portrayal of the man or the movie as a whole. It is one that deserves to win and Oscar, and DiCaprio deserves to be the man who takes that home.

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