Looking after your hair is one of the most important things you can do. The problem is the things you think are helping could be making the damage worse. They could even be dangerous! Here are some of the most common hair mistakes women make and the ones that you really need to avoid.

Brushing Wet Hair

Hair gets tangled when it’s wet. While you may be tempted to solve the issue right now by running a brush through it, it’s going to damage it. You need to use a wide-tooth comb if you really want to sort out the tangled mess before it dries, but it is best to leave it until it is fully dry. When it’s wet, you’re more likely to snag and break the ends of your hair and that can cause frizzing issues among others.

Using the Curling Tongs With Wet Hair

brush-wet-hairUsing any heated items is something you want to avoid when your hair is wet—except the blow dryer of course! When you’re using the curling tongs and straightening iron on your wet hair, you’re more likely to burn it.

This can even be dangerous because you’re trying to mix electricity and water! The curls or straight locks are not going to stick either.

Using Elastic Bands to Tie Your Hair Back

You want to get your hair off your neck but the only thing on your desk is a rubber band. These are really damaging. They tangle around your hair and break it.

You want to find hair bands that are coated in soft material. These are designed to put your hair up. If you’re really stuck, use a pencil instead of the elastic band.

Cutting Your Own Hair

While there are some people who find it easy to cut their own hair, others will find it difficult and mistakes are likely to happen. Do you really want to walk around with the lopsided fringe?

You’ll only end up having to get a hairdresser to sort out your mistakes or wait for it all to grow out.

Trying Out a Colour at Home

hair-dyeYou want to try something different with your hair. It could be a bright red colour or you may want to go blonde. Avoid doing it at home when you can.

You won’t get the right mixture of all the colours your hair needs, and it leads to the issue of the hair going ginger or a horrible yellow colour. Your hairdresser will know if the colour is suitable for your current hair shade and just how to make it look right.

Dyeing, Treating and Processing Too Much

Dyeing your hair every six months or so is fine. Treating your hair now and then is okay.

However, doing it all too much or opting for multiple treatments at the same time is going to lead to your hair getting damaged. It dries out and there is sometimes no turning back from this mistake.

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