As a child, I was always told to brush my teeth, eat my vegetables, and that an apple a day would keep the doctor away. My teeth are a polished white, I have a consistent diet of green, leafy veggies every day, but maybe I should have eaten more apples?Read More →

As a woman, you deserve to have a nice vacation with your best girlfriends. However, one dilemma you and your friends may face is where exactly a group of girls should go to have the best time. Here are the best places for women to go on vacation to haveRead More →

An exotic vacation doesn’t come knocking on the door every now and then. Hence when it does, you have to be ready and all geared up to make the most of it. An exotic vacation needs much more planning than a business trip or traveling to a cosmopolitan city. Thus,Read More →

Every shade of neon is oh so hot this season but it can be scary to wear something so bright. If you want that exciting pop of color without the overwhelming tacky factor, try throwing on some accessories in a bright shade instead of a whole outfit. It’s easy toRead More →

Sometimes I try to imagine what she would look like today at 55 years old. Would her smile be as bright? Would she keep up with the latest hair trends? Would she have wrinkles? Her unwavering grace, strength, passion, ability to speak her mind, to bring the estranged family together,Read More →

It seems like everything we like to do stains and yellows our teeth: smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee, wine, soda, or eating brightly colored fruits and or berries. For a big investment in time and money you could have your teeth whitened professionally by a dentist or you could use aRead More →

Many store-bought facial masks are extremely expensive and do not always cater to your skin’s needs. Finding homemade facial masks for your skin type may pose a challenge. Make sure you research all ingredients that you need to use to make your facial mask. How Homemade Facial Masks Help theRead More →