There are so many mistakes in love, and even in breakups. When you end a relationship or they end it with you, it’s best to get a clean break. It helps the feelings disappear sooner, so you can move on. It also helps the other person if you were theRead More →

When you’re in the office, you need certain items to hand. These items will help you get on with your work, boost your productivity and make it easier to take notes as soon as you think of them. Here are six items you need to make sure you have atRead More →

Finances are a major concern for many right now. While the economy is on its way up, there are still many families struggling to provide. You need to find ways to protect your family’s finances should something happen to either one of you—whether it is losing a job or theRead More →

The words “costume jewellery” often leave a bad taste in the mouth. They viewed as something cheap and tacky, and just for children to play with. However, costume jewellery is becoming more popular with adults. They offer some great designs, bright colours and innovative styles. The trick is to makingRead More →

The London Marathon was held recently, with many thousands donning their sportswear, stretching their legs in preparation for the 26.2 mile run. Although it’s not an event I have ever considered taking part in myself, as I watched the masses from my comfortable lounge position on the sofa, I startedRead More →

Do you want to get a tattoo? If it’s your first, you may be wondering about the best placement or the design that you want. It can be a nerve-wracking thought, especially if you’re worried about the pain. You may want something small that will take less time, but itRead More →