Winter Beauty Tips: Don’t Let Harsh Weather Affect Your Beauty

It may be the middle of fall but it’s still the perfect time to start planning ahead for the winter. As the weather closes in and becomes harsher, it can affect the skin. Here are some winter beauty tips to avoid the problems and still have glowing skin all year round.

Moisturise on a Daily Basis

You need to moisturise on a daily basis. Dry skin will not just feel tight but it will start to flake and make it harder to add makeup.

If you choose to wear foundation, look for those with added moisturiser or moisturising creams with tints. Avoid products with alcohol in them as they lead to dehydrating the skin.

Cool the Itching with Menthol Creams

Look out for creams that have menthol added to them. This is cooling and will help to control the itching that is often felt with dry skin.

It will also help to add the moisture that the skin needs during the winter months and add a layer of protection against the elements.

Make Sure Your Environment has Moisture

Think about your environment. Invest in a humidifier for your home to add some moisture to the air and keep your hair and skin perfect.

If you don’t have the money for a humidifier, spend a few minutes with your head over a bowl of boiled water and a towel over the top. This will also help to unblock your sinuses if you suffer from a winter cold.

Watch Out the Heat in the Shower!

You don’t want a shower or bath that is very hot. However cold water will do just the same! They just strip the moisture from the skin.

Keep it lukewarm and use body washes with moisturising creams. You will soon find that your skin looks more luxurious.

Use Olive Oil as a Natural Moisturiser

Avoid spending a lot on lip balms and moisturising creams. You can make your own by using olive oil and some lemon juice or lavender for a nice scent.

Just rub a little of the oil onto your lips and it will soak in the moisture to avoid cracking. Avoid licking your lips as this actually dries out your skin!

Avoid Soapy Washes

Soap isn’t the best thing for your skin. It just dries it out and makes it worse. It can also leave a greasy residue, which works against the natural oils in your skin.

Opt for moisturising washes that don’t foam up. You could also look out for exfoliating options to open the pores and really make the skin look beautiful.

Care for Your Hair with Conditioner

The winter months will dry your hair out. The best thing you can do is use conditioner on a regular basis, especially if you choose to dye your hair. Avoid going out with wet hair.

It won’t cause a cold but it will damage your hair. If you really must, use a hair dryer but limit this as much as possible to avoid stripping the hair of the moisture.

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