Wintertime Skin Care – Keeping Skin Soft and Smooth

During the four months of winter, a woman’s skin can take a lot of abuse including exposure to very low temperatures and frigid winds that can turn skin raw and irritated. A woman does not have to face another winter with dry skin if she takes certain steps. Winter skin care is a lot easier than a woman thinks, and with just a few steps, she can have beautiful skin no matter much snow and ice is outside.

Visit a dermatologist:

Sometimes a woman has skin problems even before the cold weather sets in.

By seeking out the advice of a medical professional about these skin problems, a woman can find out what is the best way to care for her face for the winter and beyond.


Use more moisturizer:

During the summer months, a light moisturizer is good because the humidity in the air is also helping to keep the skin soft and hydrated.

When winter comes that lack of humidity in the air means that a heavier more ointment-type moisturizer has to be used in order to keep the skin moisturized.

Sunscreen is necessary:

Sunscreen for the summer keeps the skin from damaging skin, but that snow on the ground reflecting the sun’s rays on the face can be just as damaging.

Before heading out to the ski slopes, sunscreen with a high SPF of at least 30 or more should be used at least half an hour before going outdoors.

If a woman is going to be enjoying outdoor activities all day, she has to remember to keep reapplying the sunscreen to protect her skin.


Protect the hands:

The skin that is covering the hands is not as thick as on other parts of the body, which makes the hands a lot more delicate than even the face.

Gloves are important for more than just keeping the hands warm, but also for keeping the colder weather from drying the hands out to the point where they may crack and bleed.

Use a humidifier:

The heat that comes out of the vents to warm up a house is hot air with no moisture.

To keep a woman’s skin from this hot air, a humidifier can be placed in different rooms of the home to add a little moisture to the air, which will do wonders for dry skin.


Do not take hot baths:

When the snow and ice make the temperature outside drop, nothing can warm a woman up faster than a hot bath. However, really hot water can strip the moisture out of the skin.

A lukewarm bath with a little oatmeal sprinkled into it can warm up the body just as well, but will not cause the skin to become irritated and dry.

Use exfoliates and heavier moisturizers on feet:

The feet can suffer the most during winter, but using an exfoliants to remove dead skin, and then a heavy moisturizer can keep the feet as soft and supple as they are in the summertime.

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