Cool hair for modern girls is not subtle and monochrome. A couple of years ago, rainbow hair took us by storm, with street style stars and models, such as Irene Kim and Chloe Norgaard, to be rocking multi-coloured strands during the fashion weeks across all four fashion capitals. Ever since,Read More →

When visiting your hairstylist or colourist, don’t be vague about anything. Address your wishes, needs, and concerns in detail, making them visualise the exact result you are looking for. Be decisive and specific enough to put a clear message across, or else stay away from a drastic change. Consultation andRead More →

They collaborate with hair experts on every change they make, as well as on their daily appearance, regularly trimming, colouring, cutting and adjusting their hair to maintain their relevance and appeal. There is always a strategy behind a perfect result. A stylist must carefully assess the client’s lifestyle. When yourRead More →

Marketing is deeply ingrained in everything successfully placed in the market. Marketers make their products stand out by using very distinctive names, terms, and descriptions, although they are often referring to similar qualities. Variations in terminology found on product labels are usually confusing to customers. Sometimes you really need toRead More →

Using anti-frizz of humidity styling products, you can create hairstyles that look good through any shift in weather conditions. Healthy, well-groomed hair is impeccable at all times, even when wet. Proper conditioning and nourishment make your hair flexible, shiny, energised, soft and smooth. Your scalp needs to be healthy too,Read More →

We usually bleach or discolour our hair in our effort to achieve a very bold and often totally unnatural shade, including platinum blonde, bright red, orange, pink, purple, lilac, blue, green and the effect we call ‘rainbow hair’ that combines more than one of such extraordinary shades. Recently, Gwen StefaniRead More →

Your busy, frantic schedule doesn’t allow you but a few minutes in front of the mirror. You can’t drastically change your hair texture or practice complicated braided hairstyles. All you are allowed to do is faking excellence and reinventing the looks of a modern woman juggling all sorts of activitiesRead More →

We are still in the mood for 70s, both fashion- and beauty-wise. This bohemian flair maintains an allure that transcends time. During that decade many things changed and many big names appeared. The look was even more powerful than that of the ‘Roaring 60s’ in England, and such liberating atmosphereRead More →

Is your hair dry, brittle or damaged? Whatever you call it, it definitely needs repair! Frizzy, coarse hair is not pleasant to touch and never easy to style. It’s your constant nightmare, which gets even worse with extreme weather conditions. You need to understand that your hair type is aRead More →

You most probably think of every visit to the hairdresser’s as time-consuming and, in the worst-case scenario, as a waste of time. Yet the hours spent at the hair salon can be proven extremely valuable in helping you relax, detox, reboot and reorganize yourself. There are many more things toRead More →