Nail art will make your fingers stand out. You can use a thin brush for delicate patterns or it can involve templates and stencils. When you’re running out of ideas, here are some great and fun trends to try out. A little practise and they’ll be perfect. The Metallic StyleRead More →

You’ve just walked out of the nail salon after getting a manicure. Your nails look pristine and perfect but they won’t stay that way; not if you don’t look after them. Here are some simple tips to make your manicure last for weeks instead of a few hours. Take YourRead More →

Every spring brings new fashion trends with it. Anything from clothes to shoes to hairstyles and manicure trends. Manicure trends are fun and simple, you will always find something that suits your personality and there will always be tools to help you with new shapes and models. Here are someRead More →

Perfectly manicured and polished nails are more than just physically appealing, because they give confidence and allow you to look your best. If you look attractive then you will feel better about yourself and exude positivity to others. This only makes it increasingly important to pamper yourself and make sureRead More →

Having your nails manicured is part of looking great and completing an outfit, but not everyone has the money to head to the nail salon. Those that do not have the money for the salon can get the same great manicures that are paid for in the salon. A fewRead More →

If you have naturally long nails or acrylics chances are you’ve been tempted to get some pretty trendy designs at one point or another. They can be very attractive and they can represent your personality but how do you know which ones are actually trendy and cool and which onesRead More →

When you have your nails done professionally, you want it to last. Having a manicure can be expensive and helps you feel more confident. Whether you have great nails to start with or brittle ones, you need to take a few steps to preserve your manicure and keep your nailsRead More →